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Leave Feedback if you wish! Thanks!
spiderlizard plushie
If I done business with you or you done business with me just leave feedback here.

Action: ( Bought, Sold or Traded)
Item: (What ever item I bought, sold, or exchanged)
Comments: (What ever you want to say)

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Item Bought: Custom Ludicolo Plush
Comments: There was a bit of confusion at first about identity, but everything got worked out, communication was clear and timely, and payment was received quickly. Overall a very good buyer.

Item I bought: lousiest and Minun pokedolls
Rating: 5/5!!
Comments: super fast shipping! Was great working with you. These made my boyfriend sooo happy. Very friendly and I would buy from again
Thanks again. :3

Action: sold
Item: probopass plush
Comments: quick payment and good communication!

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